AHL Connect are ex marketing and digital agency employees, our in house team understand the issues that arise between brands and their agency partners.

If you are a brand and are encountering any of the following problems, then we could help:

  • A perceived lack of value from your agency (Billings vs output)
  • A lack of visibility of deliverables from your agency
  • A gap between the initial proposal from your agency and current implementation
  • A lack of results/slow progress

We’ll ensure that you get the best out of your agency partnerships


AHL Connect can help in many ways, our main aim is to increase efficiency and drive results. Let us take an impartial view of your marketing campaigns and agencies. How can we help:

  • Finding agencies
  • What should you be paying agencies – ensuring you get the right price
  • Creating agency briefs and pitch documents
  • Reviewing performance and results.

AHL Connect  specializes in driving results in client:agency relationships


Digital marketing, content marketing, PPC, SEO, web-design, development, brand marketing, Innovation.

We will help you make the right agency decision whether you are starting a new agency relationship, reviewing or restructuring your current roster

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